St. Louis - Completions Shops

Sleek exteriors, beautiful interiors. Remarkable strength and durability underneath. The completions shops at Jet Aviation have the rare combination of expertise and experience to transform your aircraft into your vision, or even something beyond. 

From galleys to vanities, from dining and conference tables to entertainment centers – the Jet Aviation St. Louis cabinet shop can deliver the most impressive – yet functional – furniture and cabinets covered in an array of stunning veneers. Our craftsmen believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish. And we prove that daily with every set of cabinets, shelves, sideledges, tables, galleys and other cabinetry items complimenting the most impressive cabins. Exotic woods and colors. High gloss or other innovative finishes. New items matched to existing furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Beyond the craftsmanship and expertise, our team delivers:

  • Attitude. There is nothing we can’t accomplish
  • Safety. The safest cabinet shop with an impressive record
  • Quality. Superior quality on an aggressive schedule
  • Customization. The best in the industry, unique. Broad spectrum of talent that covers all facets of wood-working
  • Trust. Clients know that if expectations are set, they are met 

Assemble a team of expert, lifetime upholsterers who take great pride in paying fine attention to detail and the result – for you – is nothing short of spectacular.  The Jet Aviation St. Louis upholstery team offers the finest craftsmanship to create masterful looks, such as combining the finest wood inlays with the world’s highest-quality grade of leather. From installation of carpeting with a unique design and style in a completion to on-site replacement carpeting in your aircraft without landing at Jet Aviation St. Louis, our team can meet your needs and schedule. From a functional and comfortable but striking corporate environment to an exotic airborne home that reflects your distinctive style – if you can envision it, the upholstery team can deliver it.

Our expert team offers:

  • Craftsmanship: Our group of lifetime upholstery professionals breeds a culture of pride that pays attention to even the finest detail while never cutting corners.
  • Customization: If you can dream it, we can bring it to life.
  • Innovation: Our advanced machinery includes equipment that detects even the smallest flaws in leather to ensure that only the absolute highest quality is used in your aircraft.
  • Versatility: Knowledge and innovative processes allow to us create custom solutions with our team of more than 40 world-class craftsmen.
  • Quality: This word means everything to us at Jet Aviation St. Louis. With the strictest industry standards, Jet Aviation painstakingly selects quality hides to provide customers with nothing short of the ultimate in luxury.
  • Attitude: Ask and it shall be done. There is nothing our team of craftsmen cannot accomplish.
  • Safety: Pride in our work has led us to become an upholstery shop that boasts an impressive safety record.
  • Trust: Clients know that if expectations are set, they are met. 


  • Aircraft cabin refurbishment
  • Repairs on aircraft furniture
  • Surface touch-up repairs / polishing
  • Varnishing
  • Upholstery repairs / services
  • Upholstering and upgrading seats
  • Carpet repair / replacement
  • Vinyl floor replacement

The foundations for the flawless interiors and many of the exterior parts that Jet Aviation St. Louis installs on your aircraft are created by our composites team. Durability and reliability are formed from a variety of materials that provide remarkable strength while being lightweight and flexible. The team has the experience and expertise to deliver custom fabrications that will meet your most demanding specifications.



  • Fabrication of complex composite parts
  • Structural repair of composite and bonded materials
  • Fabrication of composite laminated panels for interior periphery, headliners, windowlines and PSUs, etc.
  • Custom service ducts
  • Custom component applications
  • In-house hi-temp composite tooling
  • Minor metal bonding
  • Vacuum forming fabrication/repair of sheet-molded compound plastics
  • SRM approved composite repair of radomes, fairings & gear doors