Aircraft Management

Being in business aviation as a service provider since 1967 has given us the opportunity to learn a great deal from our customers and the way they fly. That’s why we have developed detailed aircraft management programs, specific to an owner’s needs. These aircraft management programs provide services depending on your aircraft, where you fly and how often, with the option for add-on services.

Our silver package is a variable rate program while our gold package resembles a traditional management program. The platinum package is a premier aircraft management program that covers every aspect of your operation.

Jet Aviation’s silver package is a variable rate aircraft management program, based on your flight activity, that delivers primary management services to our clients including asset management, 24/7 scheduling and flight crew management. These services are supported by our safety management system (SMS) and highly recognized flight standards. Our silver package clients benefit from Jet Aviation’s worldwide buying power, saving on fuel, crew training expenses and insurance agreements, as well as other operating expenses.

The silver package is designed for clients who either operate a small to midsized business jet or fly a limited amount of hours annually and may have an interest in chartering their aircraft.

Our most popular choice amongst aircraft owners, the gold package includes the same primary aircraft management services as the silver package as well as financial budgeting and reporting management. A dedicated Jet Aviation vice president of client services will oversee your operation on a daily and long-term basis. Oversight of scheduled maintenance events is also included.

The gold package is suitable for large-cabin aircraft customers who operate domestically and internationally.

Jet Aviation’s platinum package is a premier aircraft management program that is unmatched in private aviation. Jet Aviation provides all the core management services required to manage and maintain your aircraft. In-depth financial reporting/budgeting, maintenance and flight standards training, as well as specialized programs and training are yours along with complimentary aircraft conformity, aircraft crewing, DCA program access and many other premium services.

Our platinum package covers every aspect of your operation, down to the finest detail and is most suitable for international travelers and high usage aircraft owners.