Basel - Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Neil Boyle
Senior VP Global VIP Completions & General Manager Jet Aviation Basel
Neil Snowdon
Senior Director Completions Production
Dirk Sapatka
Senior Director Completions Installations
Rhiannon MacLeod-Cook
Senior Director Engineering Completions
Peter Balzer
Senior Director Supply Chain Management & After Sales Support
Bob Hodge
Senior Director Finance & Completions Support
Guy Mertz
Senior Manager Group Reporting and FP&A
Yew Chung Low
Senior Director Quality Part 145
Matthew Woollaston
Vice President Completions Sales & Marketing
Sophie Ochsenbein
Manager, Human Resources Completions
Oliver Bergsch
VP Sales & Customer Relations
Silvain Von Hof
Director Facility Management & Security Basel
Duro Obad
Director Engineering MRO & Head of Design Organization